I miss you
I miss us
I miss our hands, locked together
Holding strong, whatever the weather
I miss your solemn silence speaking,Saying everything I longed to hear
I miss when we were young, wild and free
The heart was our stage and the world our audience
The battles we fought, the victories we won
Even those we lost, they knit us close
Staring deep into your eyes, there I found home
That mellow baritone voice, lulled my soul to rest
So often heaven seemed closer than Revelations
You were my Genesis to it, my Moses, my Canaan
Those were the days I knew love, to the furthest nerve
The way it builds
The way it tears
The way it burns and blows like breeze

Two dreadful years later I live as though in a trance,
Since that July morning, just before 3.A.M
“It was tragic. We lost him” said the caller.
That aisle is still unwalked, just like that July morning 9.A.M
The diamond ring you gave me, is the only other stone I own
Apart from my heart
That was once yours.

To the very furthest nerve,to this day
I miss sickening,nauseating love
The way it’s hot and chilling, the way it burns softly and blows like breeze
The way it tears
The way it builds
I miss
The way it weakens
The way it strengthens
The little mundane things
The long walks in the deep of night
The mystery of the moon
And the stars in my head
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
I miss you, stranger out there,
One day our paths will cross
One day it will be you and me and no one else
One day it will be paradise, it will be roses and candles
It will be



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