easter_tomatoes-wallpaper-1600x900Modern generation.Everybody’s banging.Banging so loud it’s deafening.Everybody’s banging on locked  doors looking for jobs and  on empty souls looking for  love.Love or a form of it.All of us are seeking for attention somehow even if we may not admit it  in light of day.We all want to turn heads,make the headlines or break the internet in our own little circles. Just leave an impression.It’s a crowded world and lonely hearts are screaming.

This is  a generation where self-esteem is determined by how many likes are on that filtered photo upload.Relevance is key so teenage boys tattoo every body part and worship young Thug while teenage girls pop bottles,live on the pill and show all skin,no portions.The older ones are no better chasing paper and neglecting family.Everybody is on a rush looking for something they
never seem to find.It is a circus,this life.A crazy cycle.

We subtly cover up our flaws.The very foundation of our lives are in making up appearances.It should not be so.

There’s nothing as fulfilling as embracing our true selves and working from that point forward.Yes,some days may be challenging but most days are beautiful.While we admit our
insecurities,inadequacies and in-competencies,much more should matter.It must not take an Indian shrink or astrologist to read the stars and tell you how immensely capable you are.You are immensely capable.

You are the star of night,the beaming ray of twilight.
In the dark you glow,bright,fireflight
It all comes down to this
Beautiful piece
You are that
No more,no less

For each night must surely die
Give rise to morning,another day
Beautiful dawns
You deserve those
No more,no less

Even kings are slain,mighty kingdoms fall
When your effort is trashed or ego crushed
Hold still,be merry
Beautiful failures
You grow from those
No more,no less

So remember to breathe,
To live,give,love,forgive
Should your worst tendencies turn you vile
Turn back
It’s only one life,make it
No more,no less



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