vintage_bike-wallpaper-1600x900When dawn breaks and my name is just about made

When darkness ceases to glow and  vision is blinded

By light so bright,so dazingly bright

Will I remember myself or will I forget

These days that saw dark nights

These nights that flourished not to end

With dreams that lacked flesh so just mere skeletons

Of better tomorrows,of a future so vague it barely existed

Dreams of headlines and by-lines and airlines

Will my morning come or is this already my day?

Is this the story they’ll say I wrote?

They’ll read it and sip on their lemon teas and shake their heads ceremoniously

That once upon a time lived a dream in a girl which died

And the girl liveth paralysed by unnerving fear

Fear so full of life it drains her of breathe

Because where there is death,fear abounds the more

Fear of can I dare dream again and if I do

Will the dawn break this time?

What are my odds?Is it written somewhere in the stars?

And so I fall back to rise again

Though gulping for air I breathe fire

If it doesn’t burn to ashes maybe it will char

Leave a mark because isn’t that the point?

That after we are long gone our dreams will live on




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