Even when I wake up I slip
To the same old patterns
I miss, the point and fall back
High to the low path I once walked

I fear
If history repeats itself,what if?
This will be worse than the first
What if?
This will better than the last
I try to make sense of this,I do
Create logic out of confusion
Build a castle out of sand
Form a future out of a dream
I try, its not easy,but I try

Why I try?I don’t know
How I try, common knowledge
It’s because faith has refused to leave
It stays with me and I dwell with it
It tells me to give in to is to be afraid,and crippled
Yet I want to run,run fast, run slow
Run hard,run easy
I want not to cringe in a corner,as I fly in my head
I want to run in the storm,face it,get past it
Conquer it
Incase this run breaks my bones
In case history repeats itself
Let it be known I ran over fear
I tried


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