Random Thoughts


funny_kitten-wallpaper-1600x900Sometimes I think life is one big joke. I look at life and its elements and I go “ha ha ha!”.It’s not even a sarcastic laugh, it’s a hearty one-the kind of laughter that comes with embellishments like jazz or toppings like pizza. I look at the hints of death and the sparks of life
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Meet People




Don’t let the native name fool you that this girl is anything close to mshamba. She is not, except that well, she is ripe?

Achieng’ Omollo, is the woman you want to be when you grow up ladies and the girl your mama told you to take home gentlemen. Now while we have known our comrades from the lakeside to be the self-made model faces of fifty shades of black, this one has somehow managed to escape that predicament. Need I say? Continue reading “ACHIENG’ OMOLLO”

Random Thoughts



As fate, her evil mother-in-law and her conniving co-wife would have it, I am spending yet another night in a lodging; this time in Nyahururu.It goes by the name Sheriff’s, but not of the town. Before I landed here, I walked to this sorta posh lodge earlier to ask about their rates (It’s called Spanish and it had red blinking LED lights, big deal).I sensed from the PUSH HERE glass door and the magnificently tiled floor that this was no poor-intern-trying-to-save kind of place
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