funny_kitten-wallpaper-1600x900Sometimes I think life is one big joke. I look at life and its elements and I go “ha ha ha!”.It’s not even a sarcastic laugh, it’s a hearty one-the kind of laughter that comes with embellishments like jazz or toppings like pizza. I look at the hints of death and the sparks of life

and I laugh. It is amusing the things we human beings live our days chasing: fast cars, slow music, the true God, the false prophets, full bank accounts, empty compliments, the perfect partner, the G-spot, the Wi-fi hotspot…and the things that we get: slow cars, fast music, false gods, more false prophets, empty accounts, emptier compliments, imperfect partners, no spots at all,we buy the free internet.It was all a bundle of jokes.

What happens when we get the ones we want? We start finding their flaws. We bask in the fickle idea of human bliss and in a person we once deemed utterly perfect we somehow manage to milk a load some of flaws. We contradict our own selves-wanting, getting and discarding like it was all a big joke in the first place.

What next after we nail that perfect job? We give the first tithe and spend the rest on things we don’t need but want people to see.We want the watchman to call us “sir” and curtsy. We tip loudly and connive in whispers on how to disarm the guy on top of us on the salary scale. We flip that table so fast from perfect job to what next promotion? What next Toyota? What next? No part of what next is funny. Turns out it was all a big joke in the first place.

What if life was not made of classes or grades? What if life was not made of anything at all but the tick-tock of the clock and the rush of the wind? Maybe school was a lie and the true measure of intelligence was when we,the whole human race, sat around a table and ate roasted maize in one accord. At the end of the day our achievements are not written in the papers we have but in the book of life. Will yours make an interesting read?

What if I am making too much sense and this is not funny at all?

Sometimes I think life is one big joke. For it is.After the neon lights there is a tunnel and through it we’ll all fall to a dark welcoming end. If you hate the neon lights, love them. Embrace them. Love them when they are blue or yellow or green or any other color your eyes perceive.

When it is all said and done, find time to laugh. When the glare of unseen days or the guilt of the seen drags you down to a deep hole, laugh. Let your own laughter be the thunder that terrifies you and the music that soothes you. Listen to your heart droop as it’ll often do, do not muffle your ears. Listen to it soar, let it rise to untamable heights when the warm smile of a loved one or the unexpected kindness of a stranger rubs on it. If you must love, love terribly. Be terrific at it. If you must not, walk away but remember to laugh for even those that love on some days cry like they never knew laughter.

There’s no formula to life. Laugh and die.




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