BEING KISII-Why we run at night


You’ve probably heard it before.If you haven’t you are about to. Somewhere west of this sovereign nation of Kenya lives a people within hills not high enough to be mountains; but low enough to be highlands. There at the bosom of these hills, a tribe called Abagusii dwells, calm and composed. It goes by intact in its state, almost indifferent, like it had no other choice but to be what it is, where it is. Yours truly happens to hail from there. Yeah, someone played pinky pinky ponky and that is where the finger pointed- also not much of a choice.

While we are known for many things, one subject persists, it is almost always the conversation starter whenever you introduce yourself as a Kisii to strangers Continue reading “BEING KISII-Why we run at night”

Random Thoughts



In less than five days I, child of the soil, sister of nations, daughter of the Most High Jah bless, mother of dragons…errr-beg your pardon-mother of dreams, will be in fourth year. Not first, not second, not third but the very fourth year of college education. College is the politically correct term to describe what I do at school. College cuts it because it is so grounded, not fancy like university or trial-version like campus. Campus is for people who take media: library specialty and go through the semester with the ease of an Indian doing yoga, or a Kisii peeling off a ripe banana, or a (true) Jaluo eating those wide-eyed small creatures they like to call fish- Continue reading “MY FOUR SHADES OF GREY”