My lovely,

What can I say? It’s been a minute. No that’s a lie. It’s been a while-a long long while. Honestly speaking I do not know how to face you. I doubt you even remember my face. The right- fitting words escape me but I will try.

People have been asking about you. A reasonable number of them have in boxed me to inquire whether we are still a thing and I have replied with two grey ticks (blue is just too cold).I simply lacked a legit explanation and there’s only so much emojis can say. Some people think we are not together anymore. They think we called it quits, threw in the towels and the sheets. That somebody lied, somebody slept outside Continue reading




I don’t know how to talk to girls. To be clear last I checked I am very much a girl-a lady rather, on the verge of bursting into a full-grown woman. By not knowing how to talk does not mean I cannot utter a syllable to a human of the same sex but rather I do not indulge in female conversations as much as the girl next-door. My real self-that very bubbly, outgoing and most free persona comes out more when I talk to guys I like. It is no-one’s fault- not their fault(the girls) and I like to think it’s not mine either. Sincerely it is not a fault per-se but one of those things I will diplomatically label ‘circumstance’. Maybe it is caused by a childhood scar or Continue reading