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Ever passed along your former high school a year or two after leaving? There is a feeling that seeps through the bones (and the brain real quick). It is not commonplace nostalgia, but it is nostalgic. You want to tell everyone who cares to listen that you went there, you were part of that, in fact you still remember the school anthem and the name of the best cook. But part of you doesn’t want to go back there. Part of you remembers the early, cold morning preps and the pressure and the performance board….you are glad you are done with it.

2018 just hit me on my face. I was hearing that it was coming but I thought it was headed to the neighbor’s. I have been seeing posts about what 2017 was to people, how they prospered ,how they didn’t prosper, lessons learnt, what to leave…but for some reason I could not relate. My 2017 did not feel like it was about to change to anything. I was quite comfortable in my time continuum. In fact, I was waiting for December Season 2. Well, that was until I looked at my phone at 00:00 and saw that it was MON 1, JAN FREAKING 2018!!

Resolutions are mainstream so I’ll stick to the lesser evil, which for lightness of mind, I cannot label. Last year was eventful and uneventful in its own way. Eventful because politics, and uneventful because strikes and comatose and….Coming to face with oneself. It is a butterfly experience, this one. Suddenly you’re everywhere but only you really know where you are coming from. People see what they want to see. Only you know what it really is. (Yikes! 2018 is gonna be a confusingly philosophical one, eh?)

Reality is stranger than fiction, a friend of mine likes to say. I met him on 26th May, 2017 in the very unlikeliest of circumstances. It was election day and he walked up to me, or I walked up to him (Can’t recall coz last year was so kitambo , hehe) and we had this interesting conversation.

Me: (Smiling..err ,grinning widely) Hi, I’m Maryanne and I’m running for…

The guy: Nani hakujui Maryanne!

Me: (Acting surprised like I had not put up like 26753789 posters with my face on ‘em) Oh,okay….Sasa si unajua vile tunafanya huko ndani…(I was too shy to say what I wanted STRAIGHT #Whattoleavein2017)

The guy:(Now he is the one grinning widely but rather sheepishly) Hehe. I’m not voting for you. Si kwa ubaya but…(insert zzzzzzz then loud clattering of metallic plates and sufurias)

Me: (My grin slowly turning to a grand canyon) Oooooh. Okay. Uko sure? …….( insert rambling wishywashily like a kid begging for his mum’s tits)

Him: (Game Face)


To cut the long awkward moment short, the guy told me he was not going to vote for me, and, this is the hilarious part, he pulled off the classic “It’s not you” line. In my head I was like “Well, yeah you’re goddamn right it’s not me.. YOU ARE VOTING FOR!” But I maintained my civility because there were other people joining the queue and I had to be gracious. Now this guy wasn’t drunk or anything, not that I was walking around with alcoblow, he wasn’t rude, he simply looked me in the eye and told me nicely and honestly. As he joined the line, I sold him one last smile trying to lift my clearly low reputation but deep down I didn’t want to. Actually, I did not even want to occur, ever ever ever, in a situation where I directly or indirectly ask people to pick me . Yet here I was, doing the exact opposite! It’s like saying you can’t stand pigs but sausage is your favorite food- my sister, make up your mind!

Thrusting myself in the ‘public domain’ was going against every grain of who I am. Being a highly introverted individual who makes few bad jokes with even fewer people, a go-all-out-there and wow-them persona was a huge step in the other direction. However, I did run, and I did go all out there. The wowing part, not so sure…hehe. Here we are anyway. The guy who rejected me to my face is now an awfully jolly friend of mine. Life goes on.

In reality, 2018 is a continuation of 2017, but it will be judged separately so let’s just give it it’s own charter, shall we? What it holds, only time will tell.

May it be great!





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