21In about three weeks I turn twenty-one. The big day that God Almighty saw best to bestow the human race with this awesomeness that is yours truly is strategically placed at two days after Christmas. Yeah, their arithmetic went bad a good steady-state error of forty eight-hours. You know, I’ve never really asked them if it had been a well-laid plan (no pun there) or a coincidence-me being born at that particular time of the year. I can only imagine the look of my dad’s face if I were to gather the courage to ask. He’d probably affirm the rumor-that engineering makes people go bonkers sometimes. It’d be happening right in front of his own eyes. Well, to cut my good folks some slack, not that I have to, their word-play didn’t fall too far off. On that Hallelujah day in 1995-O glory glory
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open_book_macro-wallpaper-1600x900It is 1.25a.m in the morning when I start writing this. I am reading my Bible, something I do not do as regularly as a regular Christian should. The pages of the Book of Job and a devotional commonly known as lesson in my church lie in front of me open with words eager to be read. “Fight Night” by Migos is playing on a low from the speakers that lie so close to where I place my head, a constant reminder that I reside in a public university hostel. This particular song has been on repeat the past two hours.It is as though it moved in discreetly, started by “accidentally” leaving a toothbrush in the bathroom Continue reading



Alas it comes to an end. The grand finale. The great reveal. It’s been a pleasure. Just in case you need to recap you can find the first here, second here, and the third here.

I cannot quite put a finger on it, but there is something strikingly alluring about moneyed men. Oh wait, it’s the money. Money is a disease and money is the cure. It is the root of all evil but also the bounty from which  some of the best acts of humanity spring. Continue reading

MY FIRST LOVE 3-The other girl


A riveting four part series. Just in case you missed the first on you can find it here. Then scoot on over to the second here.

The rest of the day passed me in a blur. Jeremy was all that was on my mind, all I could see or hear. The presenters that came after him might have been speaking in ancient Greek for all I cared. But Greek was the least of my worries. Continue reading